My fox-doggy is realy chic in her "Nobly-dog"-sets and she gets all kinds of admiration. Because her name is sewed with rhinestone letters on the collar and harnish, everybody calles her HEIDI, and I just love it. Above all praise I must point out, that the "Nobly-dog" collection does not only look great and is designed very special and beautiful, but also made out of high quality materials, handcrafted perfectly and professionally and therefore qualified for "Naturburschen" as well as "Wasserratten" because dog should stay dog.

8. April 2008 Lola Paltinger, Munich, Fashion design
Lollipop & Alpenrock

I must send you the picture with the very beautiful collar you made for ASSIA. Super!

21. April 2008
Helena Barcot,
Dog-fashion-designer from Vienna


Uschi Ackermann, longtime companion partner of Gerd Käfer (Feinkost Käfer, München ) is in love with the products of the Nobly-dog line, not only because of the absolutely magnificent and fabulous designs, but also for the perfect handcraft in using top qualities in high end grades.

SWR Fernsehen RT: Saturday night

Uschi Ackermann with Mops "Sir Henry" in a custom made tailored harness of extremely soft nappa leather with Swarovski rhinestones.

Uschi Ackermann with Marianne Smith, owner of "Nobly-dog" and "Sir Henry" at home in Käfer´s Munich apartment.


Mops Sir Henry and Marianne Smith appraising the new collection treasuries of "Nobly-dog".